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2) Insert the Windows 7 CD and install it and the drive allocated for windows. After installation, the windows boot loader will override the grub, so there will not be any menu listing for choosing Ubuntu. 3) Insert the live CD of any Ubuntu distribution and run the following commands in the terminal. sudo mount /dev/ /mnt #device. Install Windows after Ubuntu/Linux. As you know, the most common, and probably the most recommended way of dual booting Ubuntu and Windows is to install Windows first and then Ubuntu. But the good news is that your Linux partition is untouched, including the original bootloader and the other Grub configurations. grub2 - How to install Windows 7 after Ubuntu and dual.

If you are looking install windows 7 after ubuntu 12: Dual-Boot Windows 7 and Ubuntu 12.04 *NOT WUBI*

Ubuntu releases a new version every wimdows months. However, most of the stuff you may need to do after installing the new version are generally the same. This article will guide install windows 7 after ubuntu 12 through enhancing your new system. No matter what supported version of Ubuntu you use, you can follow those steps. Currently, the latest version of Ubuntu is You can download it from the official Ubuntu website. This is the first and most important thing to do after installing any version of Ubuntu. To do it:.

Installing Windows after Ubuntu is not the recommended process for a dual boot Windows and Ubuntu system, but it is possible.. First, you have to make sure that the 50GB free space is available, resizing your Ubuntu by using gParted if necessary.; Also use gParted or Disk Utility to format the the free space as NTFS, this prevents Windows 7 from creating an additional boot partition in. This left the SSD untouched, but I still couldn't boot into Ubuntu after a clean installation to it. Having Ubuntu running properly is my first priority, so I opted to get it installed and running first, which is where I am now. The 60GB SSD currently holds a booting, working Ubuntu installation. Sep 20,  · I recommend first install windows 7 and then install ubuntu , you will be asked to create the partition to create ext3 and swap partition when installing ubuntu after installing windows 7, it has option to create partition automatically for swap and ext3. I have installed Ubuntu on my entire GB HDD. No partions. Now when I try to install Windows 7, the installer says that No Drivers Found. Insert a CD/DVD or USB to complete the installa. Jul 13,  · Re-installing Windows 7 after running Ubuntu I bought a laptop with Windows 7 home premium 64bit about a month and a half ago. I decided to try running Ubuntu, I don't like it and now I'm stuck with it and can't find a way to re install Windows 7. How can I get Windows 7 back onto my laptop without buying it?I'd like to quote something first. To overcome this weakness, a compatibility layer called WINE was created. The name originally stood for Wine. But now I am upgrading my PC, so I want to install Windows 7 over Ubuntu for driver installation & other stuff. After that I will dual-boot. And it will be on a computer with an existing installation of Windows 7. Then you may choose to boot into Windows 7 or Ubuntu After the partition has been resized successfully, you should see the freed space. This tutorial assumes that you already have Windows 7 installed and that After shrinking the drive, restart your computer while the Ubuntu. What worked for me was installing Windows 7 regularly, on a different partition of course. Then restoring GRUB, described in the section. -

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Some reasons to repair your boot-loader might include installing Microsoft Windows after you have installed Ubuntu, adding or removing a hard drive, or changing hard drive settings. Note: this tutorial does not apply if you had installed Ubuntu inside Windows via the Wubi installer. In this case, please read this page. You can also use a LiveUSB if you have created one in the past. Now reboot your system. The usual GRUB boot menu should appear. If it does not, hold Left Shift while booting. You will be able to choose between Ubuntu and Windows. As of Ubuntu

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